I am a senior at Kennesaw State University pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing. I am also the VP of Marketing for the KSU Student Managed Investment Fund, LLC. Outside the classroom, I am dedicated to promoting equity amongst students at KSU. In 2018 I was a member of the Owl Leadership Fellows and placed second in the Community Impact Challenge. At the end of 2018, I was invited to present my team’s online clothing donation service at the Georgia Association of Colleges and Employers hosted by Turner Broadcasting. In 2019 I became a BB&T Emerging Leader, as well as, a founding member of the Flight Academy Student Ambassadors. Post graduation, I plan to pursue a career in advertising and marketing analytics.

Are you looking for that push to get started?

Jumpstart was created because I had, and still have, trouble getting started. Not because of laziness or lack of resources, but because of my own anxiety and self doubt. I felt the best way to help others avoid the same predicament would be to give people the advice I wish I had. Simple tips and trick to demystify the world of social media and content creation. Are you a maker with no idea how to compose a photograph for your site? Are you a shop owner who gets lost in the SEO rate race? Are you an aspiring entrepreneur that needs a little help getting from thinking about an idea to doing it? If you answered yes to any of these questions then this blog is for you. Come with me on my journey of discovery and hopefully learn a few things to Jumpstart your social media, today!

What I Do…

Data Analytics

Film and Graphic Design

Social Media Marketing

Business Strategy

What I’ve Done…

Vice President of Marketing at the KSU Student Managed Investment Fund, LLC.
(2018 – Present)

  • Create, promote, and manage LinkedIn account
  • Coordinate with webmaster to update company website
  • Create promotional materials
  • Increase awareness of organization
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