You’ll never believe which companies are using Neuromarketing right now!

According to Kimberly Coleman from Edgy, “PepsiCo, and eBay… are [both] using Neuromarketing.” Regardless of how you feel about neuromarketing, its happening all around you. The trick for you as a consumer is staying informed. The trick for you as an aspiring entrepreneur or small business owner is keeping up. Let’s look at how these two companies are implementing neuromarketing in their strategies. Hopefully you will be inspired and informed simultaneously. 

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Let’s talk about chips. PepsiCo, parent company of Frito-Lay, was faced with a problem. How do you increase sales of potato chips. The male demographic is already fairly saturated and women prefer healthier snacks. In fact, according to Roger Dooley from, 61% of women prefer healthier fair such as fruits and vegetables. So how do you sell more chips to women? 

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Stephanie Clifford from the New York Times explains, “[they] began by researching how women’s brains compared to men’s.” What they found suggested the communication center in women’s brains was more developed. They also found the memory and emotion center was larger. The area of the brain that processes guilt was also bigger in women. This last piece is most important. In it lies the secret to selling more chips. By making chips less guilty, PepsiCo could grow in the female market. This was done with baked chips and small portion bags.

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A staple in online shopping, eBay has been experimenting with customer shopping behaviors. According to WARC, “eBay is using EEG headsets to understand what is happening to shoppers at a neurological level during the shopping experience, by exposing them to art.” Measuring the neurological response from each customer’s reactions to the artwork helped eBay understand purchase decisions. Ultimately, information like this could be used to suggest better products and increase conversion.

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Since the focus of this blog is helping aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed on social, let’s tie this obscure topic back to our goal. Why should you even give a hoot about any of this? What seemed like science fiction just a decade ago is now a thriving multi-billion dollar industry. Of course I’m talking about the smart phone and its spin offs like app sales. No one has ever succeeded by burying their head in the sand on the shore of progress. Apple made its fortune by making advanced technology available to everyday people. That is my over arching strategy with this blog. I want to take advanced marketing techniques out of the hands of large corporations and provide them to readers in a way that is easy to understand and implement. Small businesses drive our economy and gave rise to the middle class. Helping support them is my goal. So, care about neuromarketing. Wether just a little or a whole lot, it will help. Don’t go buy eye trackers and hire scientist. But, next time you make a post or create some content, think about what these companies are doing, pick your colors with intention, do your research and increase your conversion.

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