Make your photos “Golden” with this easy trick!

Have you ever wanted to add a little extra production value to your photography with out spending a lot of money? What if I told you this was possible, easy, and only required a little extra planning? Perhaps it is time you learned about the Golden Hour.

Photo by Nout Gons on

According to Wikipedia, “…the golden hour is the period of daytime shortly after sunrise or before sunset, during which daylight is reeder and softer than when the Sun is higher in the sky.” This is a magical time when all photos turn out closer to great than not. Take a stroll through your camera roll. I bet you have at least one favorite photo which perfect lighting from sunset or sunrise. That makes this photography lesson short and simple. Spending a little extra time planning can lead to much better photos.

This calculator can help you determine sunrise and sunset in your local area. Or, check out the weather app on your phone. Remember to like their post to see more photography tips and tricks.

(Chris Tip) I have always been one for getting the most for my effort. If you are already planning when to take your photos, why not plan to get some extra stock photos while your at it. Say your taking photos of some new products for your social media. You’ve already scouted a great backdrop location in the woods or on a farm. After taking your jam photos, stroll around the location and take some extra photos. You never know when the perfect texture, or background photo could come in handy. 

To learn more photography tips and tricks, check out our post on the Rule of Thirds

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